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WAMMC Thanks Our Generous Sponsors of our
Blue Skies 2021 Spring Fundraiser

Joseph and Susan Armbrust

Judith Armstrong

Phyllis and Khoren Basmadian

Jennifer Thomas Becker

Irene and Kirk Blair

Robert and Deborah Browne

Bill and Sue Bruen


Katherine Bunce

Joseph and Teresa Canderozzi

Michael and Helen Caulfield

Suzanne and John Chuhinko


Kathy Christie

Mary Pat and Chris Christie

Margaret and Bill Clossey

Patricia Colbert

Mary and Bob Courtemanche

Carol and Michael Critchley

Janet and Leonard Dell

France Delle Donne

Melissa Ehmann

Samantha Ekert

June Enos

Jessica Fitzgerald

Noel and Kim Foley

Marsha and George Fraunfelder

David and Jennifer Friedland

Virginia Robinson and Rodney Frelinghuysen

Anne Fritz

Barbara Gallo

Kristen and Matt Gilfillan

Warren and Christie Gisser

Jeanne and Joe Goryeb

Richard and Leslie Goryeb

Douglas Hager

Debbie and Jude Hennessey

Helen and Edward Hintz

Kathleen Kasper

Linda Kearns

Mr and Mrs George Kendall

Susan and Ronald Kennedy

Kevin and Jane Kilcullen

Barbara Killeen

Kathy King

Dillard and Adrienne Kirby

Mildred Kowalski

Allan and Paul Landau


Susan Lubow

MCJ Amelior Foundation


Thomas MacMahon

Sandy Manning

Valerie Marr

Doris Marsland

June and Dan Meehan

Dannette and Sammeer Merchant

Michelle and Don Meszaros

Kristin Mikula

Susan Miller

Brian and Tina Monaghan

Morristown-Beard School

Tina and Tom Mulhare

Katie and Paul Nolle

Paul Adams Nolle III

Teri Norman

Patricia O'Connor

Cathy and Michael O'Neal

Paragano Family Foundation

Allen and Carol Pease

Therese Pick

Eileen and Les Quick

Keith and Dawn Richardson

Melinda and Richard Richardson

Diane Rispoli

Anne and Bob Rooke

Walter and Lynn Rosenfeld

Kathy and Amo Ross

Rothschild Family Fund

Barbara Ruane

Patricia Santen

Patricia Savage

Anthony J Scillia, MD

Kathryn Dale Scolnick

Lisa Sievers

Mr and Mrs Silverman

William E Simon Foundation

Julie Skinner

Annie Stowers

Rita and Joseph Stringer

Carla Suskin

Adam and Jennifer Thackery

Courtney Urfer Thompson


Thomas Welsh

Marsha and Peter Wolfson


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