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The Cause

Simulation Training for Nurses at The Gagnon Children's Emergency Department.

The Gagnon Children's Emergency Department at Morristown Medical Center treats over 2,000 patients each month - from newborns to 21 years of age - which requires nursing team members to possess a broad range of skills.  Having the ability to provide hands-on training using a pediatric simulation manikin will enhance the overall care of our young patients.  

Simulation training enables health professionals to practice essential clinical skills in a safe, controlled and  non-judgmental setting. Mistakes are expected and welcomed. Nurses can ask questions and learn processes and procedures without fear of failure or causing harm to the patient.

The Current Challenge

Toy dolls are currently used in group training sessions on how to treat infants and young children during emergencies. These dolls are not interactive, which means that nurse educators must describe the different sounds and physical appearances of the Actual Child during certain scenarios.  Nurse students must then interpret what is being described, remember what was said, picture it and then respond accordingly. This process causes a serious disconnect between what is being taught and the flow and speed of how a nurse should respond to their patient during an actual emergency.  

The Solution

A simulation manikin has realistic features that enable students to practice procedures - placing an IV, performing a urinary catherization or chest compressions - while allowing for real-time feedback. The educator can program the manikin to have different heart rates, respiration rates and medical conditions to make training more complex and provide instruction on correct interventions.  Simulation training has proven to be particularly successful in teaching/ learning IV access. Using landmarks like feeling for a vein and visual cues in skin color provide a strong clinical understanding and foundation.

Grant funding will support the purchase of a pediatric manikin. Thank you for considering this request and helping to create a safe learning environment for nurses who work in the Gagnon Children's Emergency Department.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Manikin Equipment Cost:  $45,387

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