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Corporate Giving Unites & Inspires Us

As an association that rallies around its motto "Contributing with Passion"

and truly embraces its values of

Community, Collaboration, Fun, Professionalism and Excellence,

our members find that being a part of this great philanthropic endeavor is a rewarding way

to give back to the community while forging great friendships.


 We would love for you to JOIN US!


"I feel privileged to be a part of this exceptional group of women. Don't dismiss us for "ladies who lunch".  The women of WAMMC are an impressive bunch who bring a large diversity of skills and talents to the table.  We also share a common spirit of compassion for our community.  By the way, we do also lunch but when we do we raise lots of money for the Medical Center!"

Kim Lopez joined 2013

" I have been extremely fortunate in my position as Hospital Liaison for the Board because it allows me to do many varied, rewarding tasks.  I feel so lucky to be a part of this wonderfully effective organization and to have a role in it that is so fulfilling."

Barbara Ruane joined 2013

"My favorite part of being a member of WAMMC is having the opportunity to work with smart and professional women for the betterment of Morristown Medical Center and its patients.  It has offered friendship, fun, and camaraderie for a cause."

Lynne Rosenfeld joined 2007

"There are so many reasons why I continue to be a member of WAMMC. I have met some really incredible women, I love that we work on extremely worthwhile projects and I am giving back to and improving the hospital that has helped my family."

Mary Courtemanche joined 2008

"I joined WAMMC to meet other women and raise money for a great cause. After attending a New Member Social, I immediately felt welcomed into the organization and joined a committee.  In addition to working side by side with really great, hardworking, and dedicated women, I have formed lasting friendships.  Everyone pitches in to do what is needed.  Bring your passion and whatever skills you have to contribute.  We always want new ideas and perspectives.  Join us – I’m thrilled I did!"

 "Interaction with talented, intelligent women with knowledge and expertise in many fields such as marketing, education, law, technology, healthcare, journalism, parenthood and more is a continuously enriching experience.  It's rewarding to contribute to the healing environment at MMC while making new friends and, of course, having fun!"

Gwynne Wade joined 2014

​"I joined WAMMC after volunteering for Mansion in May.  I have met some of my good friends through mansion volunteering and my WAMMC board positions.  It has been mostly fun and team-based but filled with hard work too.  I have truly valued my experience with WAMMC and look forward to many more years of volunteering."

Anne Fritz joined 2008
June Meehan joined 1995

"Twenty-nine years later and I still choose to devote my volunteer efforts to WAMMC. I'm surrounded by an amazing group of highly capable women who make a difference at Morristown Medical every day. It continues to be a fun and invigorating experience, bound by lasting friendships... 29 years, with many more to come!"

Sue Bruen joined 1987

"It has been a very interesting and rewarding opportunity to be surrounded by an amazing group of professional, intelligent, creative and fun people who are devoted to the goals, specifically fundraising, to support our award winning Morristown Medical Center and the community it serves." "

"I love the expression 'many hands make light work' .  As an individual I know I can make some difference but as part of a group that difference becomes so much larger,  powerful and meaningful.  Looking back on the time and effort I have invested as a member of WAMMC I know the results are far more significant then anything I could have accomplished on my own.  The reward of membership is time well spent with dedicated, smart and powerful women."

Kathy Hobbs joined 2011
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