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Pat O'Connor

Board Member & Chair


Pat O'Connor I have been a WAMMC member for over 15 years and honored to be asked to serve on the Board on two separate occasions for a total of 10 years. During my first tenure on the Board, I served as Parliamentarian and Chair of the By-Law Committee. Upon my return to the Board, I served two terms as Vice-President of Healing Services, which includes oversight over several of WAMMC's most remarkable programs including Calling All Kids and Scholarship. I currently have the privilege to serve as Chair of the Nominating Committee. I continue to be amazed at how much this remarkable group of women accomplish on behalf of MMC. Besides the friendships I have made as a member of WAMMC, and the joy of working with Calling All Kids, I'd say the most fun I've had has been as a volunteer for Mansion in May. I think we all look forward to those special Mansion years when we work hard pulling towards the same goal of helping MMC enhance a facility or a Physician/Nursing program for the greater good of our community. Even when I Co-Chaired MIM 2020 during the uncertainty and challenges of the covid pandemic, my Co-Chair and I had a memorable time and will forever appreciate the efforts put forth by our dedicated team to ensure we opened our doors and raised over a million dollars towards the expansion of Gagnon Cardiovascular Institute.

Pat O'Connor
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