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Contributing with Passion

Myra Brookfield’s generous bequest to found a Morristown hospital required that the community raise $15,000 over three years to furnish and equip the new hospital. Just six weeks before Miss Brookfield’s bequest was due to expire, the necessary funds were raised in large part due to the efforts of another woman, Augusta Stone. The certificate of incorporation for Morristown Memorial Hospital was executed in November 1892. To ensure that the community support would continue, the Women’s Association was formally established four months later in March 1893. Thus, the partnership between the hospital, the Women’s Association

In Morristown of 1889, there was no hospital and a woman’s place was in the home. Yet it was a woman who, by the bequest of her home and property, brought Morristown Memorial Hospital into being 
and the community was forged. 

From its inception, the Women's Association has financially supported the  hospital by funding hospital buildings, purchasing the first ambulance, underwriting the training of nurses and funding "charity care." Today, WAMMC members continue this tradition of financial support by running several lucrative businesses, The Bargain Box Thrift Shop and the three hospital gift shops.  In addition, fundraisers have grown in creativity and scope, exemplified by the Association's signature event, Mansion in May Designer Showhouse and Gardens.  

Another hallmark of the first 120 years of the Women's Association history has been volunteer service.  The Women's Association and its tasks have evolved.  No longer do members fold diapers, stitch hospital linens or sponsor afternoon teas.  Today, the association is responsible for several service programs such as providing art in public areas of the hospital, seasonal  flowers in the chapel, holiday decorations and scholarship funds for deserving staff.  The Women's Association remains a volunteer organization with the unwavering mission to support Morristown Medical Center.

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