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About Our Board

The Women’s Association for Morristown Medical Center is fortunate to have a strong group of women who voluntarily serve on our Board each year. Our Executive Board members are nominated and elected for a two year term. Our General Board members are nominated on an annual basis.

The Women’s Association for Morristown Medical Center is grateful for the volunteer leadership of our past presidents and current President, Kathy Christie. We thank them for their leadership and service to better our community hospital. 

Take a moment to “meet us” by reading our bios and reach out and join us as we contribute to Morristown Medical Center with passion, together! 

Executive Board

Kathy Christie


Cathy O'Neal

Assistant Treasurer

Dale Scolnick

Vice President

Fundraising and Business Operations

Kathy King


Carol Critchley

Vice President

Governance and Structure

Marsha Wolfson

Vice President

Communications & Membership

Diane Rispoli


Barbara Ruane

Vice President

Healing Services

Sue Kennedy

Past Officer

Special Committees


The Art Committee works to enhance the healing culture of Morristown Medical Center through art. The Art Committee acquires, approves, maintains, inventories, and places art throughout MMC with priority given to public spaces.


Gift Shop

The Corner Store Gift Shops are WAMMC-operated businesses that provide income to our organization. The shops provide professionally presented retail merchandise, to serve the needs of patients, visitors, staff and volunteers at three MMC locations: Deskovick 1, Goryeb Children's Hospital and Gagnon Cardiovascular Institute.


Mansion In May

Mansion in May is the preeminent fundraising event of the Women's Association for Morristown Medical Center. During Mansion years, the designer showhouse is open everyday in May. The event includes boutiques, gardens, designer sales and a café just to name a few.



The Scholarship Committee awards grants to outstanding MMC employees involved in direct patient care and have requested financial assistance for coursework in pursuing a career in healthcare. The number of scholars and individual award amounts vary yearly and are determined by the Scholarship Chair based on available investment income.


Art Exhibits

The Art Exhibits Committee identifies artists and schedules art exhibits on a six-week rotational basis in the Madison Avenue Gallery at Morristown Medical Center. The art is available for purchase with 20% of the proceeds going to the WAMMC General Fund.


Healing Services

The Healing Services Committee decorates the hospital in December, puts together baskets for Volunteer Recognition Week and Nurses' Week, maintains the flowers in the Chapel, and awards the Ruth Award to a Junior volunteer and works with Patient Experience to award volunteers their Irene Fortunado Awards.


Mansion Search

Mansion Search Committee is charged with identifying potential Mansion in May properties - all with the objective of attracting visitors and design participants alike.



Always open to new Members, the Twigs are branches of the Women's Association for Morristown Medical Center, and a great way to become involved. Each Twig, with the support of the Women's Association, plans and executes fundraisers or service projects of their own choosing within the Mission of the Association.


The Bargain Box

The Bargain Box is a thrift boutique offering gently used clothing, accessories, household and decorative items for sale. This WAMMC operated business provides income to our organization as well as a valuable service to the community


Information Technology

The Information Technology Committee's primary role is to maximize and efficiently manage technology in support of WAMMC's mission. WAMMC Systems include: Website(s) and its integration to Social Media, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and communication tools such as e-mail and video conferencing.


Publicity & Marketing

The Publicity Committee markets, brands and promotes the Women's Association for Morristown Medical Center. The objective is to build awareness of WAMMC, its mission and related activities. Publicity outreach should include various media outlets, the community-at-large and the corporate community.



The Underwriting Committee secures financial support for WAMMC fundraising events from a variety of sources.


Standing Committees


The Bylaws/Parliamentarian Committee is responsible for maintaining the accuracy of WAMMC's Bylaws, and Policy and Procedure Manual, and for updating motions made each year. Volunteers should be detail oriented with strong writing and editing skills, proficiency in Microsoft Word and knowledge of parliamentary procedure.



The Nominating Committee selects and vets potential candidates for positions on the WAMMC Executive Committee and advises the Executive Committee of members who are potential candidates for present and future Board and Committee positions.


Long Range Planning

The Long Range Planning Committee has an eye toward the future. We are tasked with exploring potential fundraising and community outreach projects. There’s always a lot of brainstorming going on! We consider what’s been done successfully in the past and look to build on that experience for future opportunities. In partnership with the Executive Committee, we assess the organization’s progress toward its vision.



The Program Committee plans and executes the WAMMC Annual Membership Meeting and Luncheon, the Annual Board Retreat and the end-of-year June WAMMC Board Meeting.


Membership & Volunteers

The Membership/Volunteers Committee promotes new and renewal memberships and maintains a database of members including their experience, skills and interests to help match members with the best volunteer opportunities. It ensures communications systems are up to date so active members receive communications about WAMMC events and activities. It hosts events to welcome and introduce new members to current members to build an inclusive and collaborative culture.


Past Presidents

1894-1900 Mrs. Albert Erdman 
1901-1907 Mrs. Kinsley Twining 
1908-1913 Mrs. Stephen H. Little 
1914-1921 Mrs. Samuel V. Hoffman 
1922-1929 Mrs. Frederick R. Kellogg 
1930-1931 Mrs. Franklin D’Olier 
1932-1932 Mrs. Wyant D. Vanderpool 
1933-1936 Mrs. John G. Bates 
1937-1938 Mrs. Wyant D. Vanderpool 
1939-1940 Mrs. Grier Bartol 
1941-1944 Mrs. Leland H. Ross, Jr. 
1945-1946 Mrs. Edward K. Mills 
1947-1949 Mrs. John W. Stedman 
1950-1950 Mrs. Nora P. McMurrie 
1951-1954 Mrs. Robert G. Cowan 
1955-1958 Mrs. Matthew L Wilson 
1959-1962 Mrs. Louis R. Jeffrey 
1963-1966 Mrs. Joseph S. Nye 
1967-1970 Mrs. Herbert Epstein 
1970-1970 Mrs. E. Esty Stowell 

1971-1974 Mrs. Lowell Wallace 
1975-1979 Mrs. William L. Hoffman 
1979-1983 Mitzi Szerlip 
1983-1987 Lane Buchanan 
1987-1989 Grace Mansfield 
1989-1991 Jane E. Clow 
1991-1995 Joan Mezzacapo
1995-1997 Helen Y. Powell 
1999-2001 Susan S. Bruen 
2001-2003 Susan H. Armbrust 
2002-2005 Anne S. Rooke 
2005-2007 Ann B. Sobine 
2007-2009 Michelle M. Meszaros 
2009-2011 Tina B. Mulhare 
2011-2013 Beth Wipperman 
2013-2015 Dannette Merchant 
2015-2019 Mary Courtemanche 
2019-2021 Katie Nolle 
2021-Present Kathy Christie 

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