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As a volunteer organization, we are first and foremost committed to helping Morristown Medical Center bring the best level of healthcare to our community.  At first glance, you would note that we are a thriving group with many fundraising skills. Upon closer examination, you would find that our fundraising businesses and events offer benefits to the community above and beyond the causes they fund. 


Whether through our own personal experience or that of a friend or family member, we understand that many of the circumstances that bring people to the Medical Center are not without anxiety.  Our service committees help to soften the sterile atmosphere and bring some joy to our patients, visitors and staff. 


Uniting our members is a thread of compassion which is not lost on one another. We are an organization that values each of our members and strives to elevate the talents of the individual while improving the organization and the contributions it facilitates. This makes volunteering with WAMMC a most meaningful and personally fulfilling endeavor where many strong friendships are forged. 




Fund Advancements in the Quality of Healthcare at Morristown Medical Center

The Women's Association is the Medical Center's single largest donor - providing seed funding over the years for advancements and improvements.  

Our fundraising businesses and events provide a dual purpose of service to the Medical Center

and the community.

Make a Difference for Patients, Visitors & Staff of Morristown Medical Center

The Women's Association is committed to bringing a welcoming atmosphere to the Medical Center as well as providing services that make coming to the Medical Center a bit less stressful for patients and their visitors as well as for the staff.

Provide Meaningful Experiences for
Members of WAMMC

The Women's Association 

strives for a volunteer experience that engages and inspires our members to 

contribute with passion 

while embodying our values of Community, Collaboration, Fun, Excellence, and Professionalism.

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