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Fragrant Woods

Susan Farcy Interior Design

456 Sicomac Ave, Wyckoff, NJ 07481, USA


Instagram: @susan.farcy


Susan Farcy

Susan Farcy


Susan Farcy is an accomplished and respected Interior Designer. With commissions that range from the design and decoration of Manhattan apartments and new homes in northern New Jersey to the full restoration of the grounds and mansion of a major historical Westchester estate, Ms. Farcy has gained a reputation as an individual who has successfully brought her diverse talents to the profession of home design. Ms. Farcy graduated from Wheaton College (IL) with a degree in Art History and worked in the world of high fashion for some notable New York couture designers before entering the world of fine jewelry. During her tenure with Verdura, Ms. Farcy attended the New York School of Interior Design and traveled throughout Europe studying classic architecture. Upon completion of her studies, Ms. Farcy worked in the antique and art world before being offered the presidency of a major European fabric company. After the birth of her first daughter, Ms. Farcy started accepting private commissions and established her design studio.

Color World:

Fragrant Woods

Table Title:

A Walk Through the Fragrant Woods

My inspiration for the table is walk through the Fragrant Woods imagining the coolness of the forest shade and the warmth of dappled sunlight surrounded by vibrant green mosses and ferns and the crack of snapping twigs underfoot and crunch of fallen leaves. Lunch is served al fresco with all the woodsy elements to enjoy.

SOURCES: Larger Cross A Place in the Country, Laura Clare Floral Design, Mr. P's Place Card Company
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