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Karen Johnson by the Numbers

President Dannette Merchant presented WAMMC’s Executive Assistant Karen Johnson with a hat for Karen’s trip to the Kentucky Derby on May 2nd

As the Executive Assistant of the Women’s Association of Morristown Medical Center, Karen is the foundation that keeps the organization’s numerous tasks on track and is the glue that holds many projects, programs, events and meetings together! Our leadership is frequently changing but the one constant is Karen. She is always ready and willing to get the job done, and always with a smile.

Karen began her career with MMC over 37 years ago in Central Supply. In 1984, she interviewed with past president Mitzi Szerlip and has been the pleasant face of WAMMC ever since. As our leadership changes every 2-4 years, Karen has been alongside 14 WAMMC Presidents to date saying that the turnover “keeps it fresh and interesting!” Just goes to show you how truly flexible Karen is!

She has supported 13 Mansions in May, countless WAMMC themed events, raffles, and Twig events; providing support for all of our committees and their projects.

Though she maintains a busy schedule with her workload and with the comings and goings through the office, Karen always has the time to listen – with her welcoming smile,she exudes a calm presence within our often daily frenzy of activity.Congratulations to Karen on 30 years of service to WAMMC and 37 years of service at MMC! Your commitment and dedication are truly valued and appreciated!

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