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Food is Medicine

Dr. Ron Weiss with WAMMC Board Members (l to r) Gayle Khoury, Carol Tourgee, Nancy Alfano, June Meehan, Gail Decker, Kathy King and Linda Reeves

Dr. Ron Weiss, an Internist with an undergraduate degree in Botany, recently hosted WAMMC Board members on a tour of his thriving 348-acre Long Valley farm dating back to the American Revolution and its vegetarian-based wellness center. Members of his staff including farmer, Nora Pugliese and Nutrition Education Trainer, Asha Gala worked together with Dr. Weiss to launch Ethos Health in 2014, a “food as medicine” practice. The farm is a community-supported agriculture project, grows organic vegetables, herbs and fruit for families who volunteer their time in the fields and pay a membership fee to share in the crops harvested.

In his on-site primary care medical office, Dr. Weiss treats patients by encouraging a plant-based whole foods diet/lifestyle. He believes that plants are known to provide powerful disease modifying tools “which can be far more effective than drugs and surgeries.” Dr. Weiss shared numerous incidents of reversal of his patients’ heart disease, diabetes and allergies but admits that adopting a vegan lifestyle can be challenging and difficult. He and his healthy energetic staff are examples of the wonderful results achieved by embracing the plant based non-dairy lifestyle.

The tour of Ethos Health encompassed a fascinating look at the picturesque farmhouse, the 18th Century stone buildings - in various stages of refurbishment, the greenhouse, planted and prepared fields, compost area, naturalized area and a meandering brook (which feeds the Raritan River) with sprouting watercress and edible plants along its banks and occasional trout lurking among the rocks.

This summer, Ethos Health will be partnering with Morristown Medical Center to offer its fresh organic seasonal harvest to MMC employees. The Farm Market will be located near the employee cafeteria on the Madison Avenue campus.

Ethos Farm Nutrition Education Trainer, Asha Gala (l) with WAMMC Board Members, Gayle Khoury, Carol Tourgee, Nancy Alfano, June Meehan, Gail Decker, Kathy King, Linda Reeves, WAMMC President, Dannette Merchant and Dr. Ron Weiss

For more information about Ethos Health their website link is: The WAMMC Board applauds Dr. Weiss’s vision and in-tends to follow the dynamic progress at Ethos Health.

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