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Members Only Evening Featuring History of Alnwick Hall

Members of the Women's Association gathered on the evening of November 4, 2016 at the Morristown Medical Center's Forbes Auditorium. The 104 members in attendance had the opportunity to mingle, munch hors d’oeuvres, and sip wine provided by WAMMC during the opening social hour. Following that, the group moved to the Auditorium where they enjoyed an excellent lecture by Barry Thomson on the history of Alnwick Hall-The Abbey, site of our 2017 Mansion In May.

The Membership Committee solicited feedback of the attendees by survey and found that 94% rated the event excellent or very good. Members said they particularly enjoyed the opportunity to meet and talk with other members. Everyone was excited to hear more about the Mansion, and found the lecture informative and interesting. It is hoped that this type of event will be offered twice each year.

In addition to “Members Only” events, being a member offers other perks! WAMMC members in attendance received an email with sneak peek photos showing the Mansion prior to the decorator’s transformation. Dues are only $35 for a year. If you are not an active member, please consider joining today. JOIN NOW

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