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Calling All Kids

The Women’s Association of Morristown Medical Center (WAMMC) Channel 65, Calling All Kids®, Committee has been working to expand and create a new format for story time. The expansion aims to animate the stories and provide young audience members with an exciting visual. Moreover, an introduction, ending, as well as appropriate accreditation, will be added to each new story.

To make this happen, WAMMC TV approached Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) and was consequentially connected to the FDU Film and Animation Department.

The stories were videoed using the fully equipped campus film studio. FDU staff were so enthusiastic about the project that they organized an internship using film and animation students to produce two stories, ‘Clifford, the Big Red Dog’ and ‘Hi, Fly Guy’, from Scholastic Books. The rights had previously been obtained for these stories, as well as many other children’s books, to read and animate for Calling All Kids®. The committee now organizes a preproduction plan, which includes casting new readers, students, and WAMMC TV volunteers.

The process has been wonderful from beginning to end. The finished test videos, once approved, should be the first of many to come, for the Calling All Kids® channel. The committee hopes to include animation, music, comedy and educational stories using the new format.

(Pictured) Debbie Potter, WAMMC TV committee member

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