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WAMMC Board Members Tour Inpatient Hospice and Palliative Care Center

After the November board meeting Dr. Karen Knops and Dr. Reggie Saldivar greeted the board and thanked them for their strong support of the Nancy and Skippy Weinstein InPatient Hospice and Palliative Care Center.

WAMMC donated 1.3 million for the center from the 2012 Mansion in May, Glynallyn, chaired by Dannette Merchant and Nathalie Dennis.

Following the presentation the board was led on a tour of the Center which officially opened on December 8th. A delicious lunch was enjoyed by all after the tour.

One group of board members on the tour: Left to right: Dr. Karen Knops, Katie Nolle, Anne Fritz, Margaret Clossey, June Meehan, WAMMC President, Mary Courtemanche, Nancy Alfano and Gayle Khoury.

Cromwell Olive Twig (above) donations furnished the Palliative Care Family Room (below).

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