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The 2016 WAMMC Scholarship Awards

For calendar year 2016, The Women’s Association of Morristown Medical Center awarded $26,000 in scholarships to an impressive and inspiring group of 12 scholars from many areas of the hospital. The WAMMC Scholarship mission is to support the development and education goals for those in direct patient care roles demonstrating extraordinary care and service to patients, their peers and colleagues, the community and others as part of Morristown Medical Center. In addition to an exemplary performance rating and notable recommendations from their supporters, each candidate showcased leadership and a continued impact in their roles both internally within their unit and beyond, as well as externally in the broader community. To see such a passion and commitment to excellence demonstrated by them in their professional roles in patient care while focusing on developing and honing their skills, is truly inspirational and an exhibition of the overall MMC vision and mission.

Scholarship recipients from left to right:

Front Row: Kelly Giacomaro, Julie Sarinelli, Tonie Serpenti.

Back Row: Meg Dietrich; WAMMC Scholarship Co-Chair, Roxanne Sabatini, Amy DeLeonardis, Christine Barter, Nicole Stalter, JoAnn Ritota, Valerie Marr; WAMMC Scholarship Co-Chair. Not pictured: Kim Belton, Jennifer Peach, Nicole Hunnighan, Martha Gardner.

The average patient care tenure at MMC for the scholarship recipients is over 13 years with an impressive range of 5- 29 years of serving others at MMC.

These professional women are pursuing a variety of degrees in their field: the BSN, Bachelor of Science in Nursing; the MSN, Master of Science in Nursing; the DNP, Doctorate in Nursing Practice; the PHD, Doctorate in Nursing Education; and advanced certification as Nurse Practitioners. Christina Barter Dept: MICU/SICU Position: RN-Clinical Coordinator Kim Belton Dept: PICU Position: RN-Clinical Coord Amy DeLeonardis Dept: CCU Position: RN-Clinical Coord, Nurse Educator Martha "Meg" Gardner Dept: Gagnon 3 Position: RN Kelly Giacomaro Dept: ICU/MICU Position: Nursing Assistant Nicole Nunningham Dept: Pediatrics Position: RN Jennifer Peach Dept: Women's Cancer Center Position: RN JoAnn Ritota Dept: ED Position: RN Roxanne Sabatini Dept: Nurse Education Position: RN-Nurse Educator Julie Sarinelli Dept: ED Position: RN-Clinical Coord Tonie Serpenti Dept: ED Position: RN Nicole Stalter Dept: ED Position: RN

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