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Cromwell Olive Twig members make a difference

Women from the Cromwell Hills section of Convent Station founded the Cromwell Olive Twig group in 1968. Their goal was to work together for a significant cause that would benefit the community. Today, they continue their fund raising efforts by holding vendor sales at the hospital, hosting walk-a-thons and organizing plant sales. In 2016, they donated $10,500 to Morristown Medical Center for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and the Pediatrics Department. This generous contribution was used to purchase two Bili-Meters ($3000), a feeding pump ($3500) and a playhouse for pediatric patients ($4000).

Several founding members remain active volunteers. This year at the WAMMC Annual Meeting, Elizabeth Smith, Basil Spiridon, and Dolores Namar of the Cromwell Olive Twigs were recognized for 25 years of service. Congratulations and thank you!

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