2019 Scholarship Profiles

2019 Scholarship Profiles



Maria Victoria (Vicky) Pinilla is a Registered Nurse with 31 years experience. For the last 24 years she has worked at Morristown Medical Center, 20 of those years in the critical care unit (CCU).


Vicky has been a role model in the CCU.  She readily prepares CCU nurses who are new to the charge nurse role.   The unit is busy and a challenge for newer nurses.  Vicky remains calm and professional, providing knowledge, support and calmness not often found in a bustling critical care unit


Vicky cares for her critically ill patients and their families as she would for her own family.  Her standards of care are impeccable and she expects the same from her colleagues.  She gently guides those around her to help attain  the best possible patient outcomes.  Reflecting her skills and compassion her most recent Performance Review is ‘one who exceeds expectations’.  In 2018 she received the Pride and Passion award.


She is a member of the American Nurses Association and the American Association for Critical Care nurses.  She is also a parish nurse and participates in health fair activities for parishioners.  She also acts as a bilingual translator for her local EMS squad.


Vicky is currently studying to become a Nurse Practitioner at Walden University.  She is specializing in Adult Gerontology Primary Care and expects to graduate in February 2020.


Vicky is a strong and deserving candidate for a Scholarship.  In a new role as Nurse Practitioner she will enhance both her contribution to the health care team at MMC and thus, the Atlantic Health System.

Scholarship Application


What are we looking for? The committee is in search of MMC employees with a proven employment record. Candidates typically possess high-ranking employee evaluations and are often described as, "Among the best in the department.” The candidates are often leaders in their field as members of honorary societies, as hospital committee chairs, or as participants in department studies. It is not unusual for our scholars to be as actively engaged in their local community, as they are in the workplace.

For further information, please send email to wammcscholar@gmail.com



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